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L’Arche Dinghy Under Construction

The L’Arche Dinghy is considered a foam composite structure. It has a core of 1/2″ foam and covered with layers of fiberglass cloth inside and out set in Epoxy resin. Below are renderings of the designed construction method. The boat is built one half at a time. A strongback with molds and battens are set up to form a female mold for the planking of the dinghy. Once the first half of the hull is planked, glassed, and bulkheads are in place, the hull is removed and set aside. The molds are then reversed on the strongback and the second half of the hull is built in the same manner as the first. At this point, the two halves are joined together and the hull can be removed from the molds and the outside layers of glass can be applied.

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