The Hill 16 – First Sea Trials

Probably the most anticipated (and anxious) moment for any boatbuilder or designer during the construction process is the first launch.  Does she sit on her lines?  Does she look good in her natural environment?  These are only a couple of the loaded questions that are answered at that exact moment.


A couple late nights as the launch date grows near.

Ready to roll. 

Hitting the water for the first time. 

A huge sigh of relief as she settles on her lines. 

Finally throttling up after a painful break-in period of the motor. 

Looking good at speed.  

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One Response to The Hill 16 – First Sea Trials

  1. Chuck Warner says:

    Just watched your sea trial video after the article in Prop Talk caught my eye
    Great job ! has the sleek look of a Rybovich in a small package
    As a wood boat nut I am a big fan of all you guys and want you to know our club
    Membership ( about 250 ) will appreciate it also
    I live local and would like to drop by sometime and discuss our mutual interests
    AND help you promote your boats.


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