4 Meter Power Tender

Our newest project is a foam core 4 meter power tender.  We were approached by a client from Australia to design a lightweight power boat to be used as a transportation tender while cruising on his lobster yacht.  The tender will be stored on brackets attached to his swim platform, so lightweight was a necessity. 

As can be seen from the exagerated sheer, high bow, and flare, she is inspired by the traditional lobster boat.

It is important that she transitions to a plane quickly and easily, while remaining dry in a chop.  Therefore, she differs from the classic lobster boat with a wide chine flat that tapers into the bow while retaining an effective high angle of deadrise in the forward sections. 

  The layout remains simple while allowing multiple seating locations to balance the addition of crew and their gear.  There is a small anchor locker in the bow and a full-size motor well in the stern for safety.  Along with the foam in her hull and furniture, enough foam will be added in the box gunwale to ensure she can’t be sunk if swamped. 

Construction is planned for this Winter (August, September) in Australia.  The final set of construction drawings  will be offered as one of our stock plans for sale. 



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