July 2011 – 50′ Sedan Flybridge

Welcome to the first Drafting Table post of the Nav Station Blog.  The official blog of Cerny Yacht Design.  The Drafting Table category is where we will be keeping you informed of our current design projects.

In following our updates, you will be getting a glimpse into the mind of the designer (scary thought) and the process of designing a yacht or small boat.  We are very curious of what you may think, so please leave comments!

As of July, 2011, our current project is the preliminary design for a 50′ Sedan Flybridge Cruiser.  I know, all these silly nautical terms can get confusing and this string of terms is no exception.   To put it simply, this boat has one driver’s seat located on the top floor!  This arrangement opens up the main cabin to be better used for living space.  Incorporated in the interior will be three staterooms, 2 heads with showers, a full galley, and a comfortable salon.

The styling of the vessel is to be contemporary with a hint of the famous Riva line of boats.  The exterior will need plenty of space for sunbathing, a table big enough for hosting a small meal, and most importantly, a dinghy ‘garage’, or a dedicated area to store the 9′ Zodiac.

From my countless concept ‘scratches’, I knew that I wanted long smooth lines to define the shape of the boat to negate the layered look that is seen on so many flybridge boats.

After much arguing between my pencil and pink eraser, the convertible model and the hardtop model, are the concepts that I decided to expand upon.

Now comes the fun part, the hull design.  It was decided that she needed to reach a top speed of 30 mph and cruise comfortably at 24 mph, while spending most of her time in and around the shore.

At 44,000 lbs., 14 degrees of transom deadrise, 54 degrees of deadrise at the bow, and twin 470 hp diesels, she will easily meet these requirements.

Now, I need your help.  To keep with tradition this design still needs a name.  Let me know what first comes to your mind in the comment section below.

And make sure to check back for updates. 

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