A 14 ft. Panga Kit And A Versatile 26 ft. Aluminum Runabout

2013 is proving to be a busy time. Besides some different contract work, we have been working on two new designs.

14′ Panga Kit

With a request from a client for a low horsepower, efficient aluminum fishing skiff to be marketed to lake resorts and cottage owners, the 14 ft. Panga was born. The design brief required a boat that was easy to handle but also required a refined aesthetic not found in the average aluminum runabouts. Incorporating the delta pad found in the Japanese Pangas, she will be efficient while on plane but her high deadrise bow will soften the ride and will prove seaworthy when motoring into a chop. To learn about the origins of Pangas, click here.

As we have progressed through this design, it became apparent that this would be a perfect boat to also market as a kit, with an option for plywood or aluminum. With all parts being CNC (computer cut) and using a unique tab system to align and hold the parts together while the boat is assembled, this model will be a pleasure not only to own but also to build.

Bow Perspective- Painted Plywood Version


Side Deck Version


Canoe Gunwale Version



Bow Perspective- Unpainted Aluminum Version

26′ Aluminum Runabout

Resembling the famous American runabouts that popularized family boating throughout the world, the 26 ft. Runabout is being designed to fill a niche for a semi-custom but yet affordable family boat. Again, all hull and structure will be CNC cut to facilitate an efficient build. The standard hull will then be used to offer up to 4 different models. The classic runabout will have weekender accommodations  the dayboat will have an open layout with plenty of seating, the fisherman will have the helm station located for better viewing while the stern is clean of obstructions, and the fisherman hardtop will provide shelter for all weather use.


Classic Runabout



Fisherman Hardtop



Open Day Boat

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