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18′ Fly Fisher

Another busy Winter is shaping up at CYD.  Among three other designs, we are currently working on a 18′ Fly Fisher for a client in Canada.  With a great deal of experience, this fisherman really knows what he wants to achieve with his boat.  It has been a real pleasure discussing and brainstorming solutions for all sorts of small design aspects to make this boat just right.  From the center console to custom lock-able rod lockers, this boat will surely meet his needs.  

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A 28′ Weekend Racer And A 16′ Runabout

Here are a couple new concepts that we are working on this Winter:

28′ Weekend Racer

At first glance, the design brief for the 28′ Weekend Racer is pretty straightforward; a lightweight, high performance sailboat that is to be used for weekends with the family and racing with your crew.  

But as most designs go, we couldn’t stop there….

Mixing classic aesthetic elements with modern style, we have set out to create a timeless design that will turn heads on and off the race course.  The large, open cockpit will leave plenty of lounging space for your family day sails but will be optimized for efficient crew work when the racing bug bites.  Unlike the open transom of many modern boats of this genre, this design has a lowered aft deck to keep the little ones secure in the cockpit.  At anchor, the aft deck will be a great place to lounge while keeping an eye on the kids jumping and swimming from the integrated transom fold-down swim platform.  

The interior was conceived for weekend cruising but offers a 6′ 6″ v-berth, two full length berths to port and starboard, a fully enclosed head, and integrated chart table, so longer cruises in comfortable weather will be no problem.  The interior will be equipped with some innovative storage options that will leave more time for sailing and less time in preparation.  

A lifting keel and spade rudder allow this design to be anchored at shallow moorings and be trailered when you wish to quickly get to distant cruising grounds.  The carbon fiber rig will support a large flat top main, blade jib, and a large asymmetric spinnaker flying from a retractable bowsprit.  

We are having some fun with the possible color options, so let us know your favorites in the comment section below!  

Silver and White with Purple Boot Stripe

Black and White


A 16′ Runabout

With a refined bottom shape, high deadrise bow, and ample flare, this 16′ runabout will be comfortable and dry.  Her lightweight construction will allow her to be very efficient carrying a 40 to 70 hp outboard.  

The interior is designed around a day on the water.  With bench seating to port and starboard extending to the foredeck, a table can be installed for meals or playing games.   The location of the starboard side steering console allows the captain to be involved in conversation while underway.  A stainless steel gate gives access to the transom swim platform.   A retractable bimini covers the bow settees when the passengers need to get out of the sun or the weather isn’t ideal.  

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A 14 ft. Panga Kit And A Versatile 26 ft. Aluminum Runabout

2013 is proving to be a busy time. Besides some different contract work, we have been working on two new designs.

14′ Panga Kit

With a request from a client for a low horsepower, efficient aluminum fishing skiff to be marketed to lake resorts and cottage owners, the 14 ft. Panga was born. The design brief required a boat that was easy to handle but also required a refined aesthetic not found in the average aluminum runabouts. Incorporating the delta pad found in the Japanese Pangas, she will be efficient while on plane but her high deadrise bow will soften the ride and will prove seaworthy when motoring into a chop. To learn about the origins of Pangas, click here.

As we have progressed through this design, it became apparent that this would be a perfect boat to also market as a kit, with an option for plywood or aluminum. With all parts being CNC (computer cut) and using a unique tab system to align and hold the parts together while the boat is assembled, this model will be a pleasure not only to own but also to build.

Bow Perspective- Painted Plywood Version


Side Deck Version


Canoe Gunwale Version



Bow Perspective- Unpainted Aluminum Version

26′ Aluminum Runabout

Resembling the famous American runabouts that popularized family boating throughout the world, the 26 ft. Runabout is being designed to fill a niche for a semi-custom but yet affordable family boat. Again, all hull and structure will be CNC cut to facilitate an efficient build. The standard hull will then be used to offer up to 4 different models. The classic runabout will have weekender accommodations  the dayboat will have an open layout with plenty of seating, the fisherman will have the helm station located for better viewing while the stern is clean of obstructions, and the fisherman hardtop will provide shelter for all weather use.


Classic Runabout



Fisherman Hardtop



Open Day Boat

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4 Meter Power Tender

Our newest project is a foam core 4 meter power tender.  We were approached by a client from Australia to design a lightweight power boat to be used as a transportation tender while cruising on his lobster yacht.  The tender will be stored on brackets attached to his swim platform, so lightweight was a necessity. 

As can be seen from the exagerated sheer, high bow, and flare, she is inspired by the traditional lobster boat.

It is important that she transitions to a plane quickly and easily, while remaining dry in a chop.  Therefore, she differs from the classic lobster boat with a wide chine flat that tapers into the bow while retaining an effective high angle of deadrise in the forward sections. 

  The layout remains simple while allowing multiple seating locations to balance the addition of crew and their gear.  There is a small anchor locker in the bow and a full-size motor well in the stern for safety.  Along with the foam in her hull and furniture, enough foam will be added in the box gunwale to ensure she can’t be sunk if swamped. 

Construction is planned for this Winter (August, September) in Australia.  The final set of construction drawings  will be offered as one of our stock plans for sale. 



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24′ Efficient Aluminum Power Cruiser – Design Update

Since we are getting close to starting construction drawings on our 24′ Aluminum Power Cruiser design, it seems a good time to share our progress.  In a previous post we discussed the design brief and intentions for this design and thankfully, since these haven’t changed, I won’t repeat them here. 

Designing with aluminum, steel, plywood, or other plate material, with the intention of using a CNC machine to cut the various parts, requires that all surfaces are developable or have no compound curves.  Simply put, the parts must be curved in only one direction.  For example, you can wrap a piece of paper around your typical coffee mug, but you can not wrap that paper around a basketball.  These qualities must be considered as they greatly affect how the hull and superstructure are constructed. 

Every designer seems to have their own methods of creating  developable surfaces, some use expensive computer programs while others use the century-old method of hand-drawing multi conic projections.  I use a combination of both as can be seen in the screen shot from when I was creating the curved hardtop visor. 

Whichever method is used, it is important that aesthetics aren’t sacrificed in the attempt to ease construction. 

Using our method, a hull was designed that incorporates some bow flare that transitions to  tumblehome in her aft sections.  Constructed of 6 major plates that have been cut by a computer, the hull will wrap around her frames and can be easily welded together.   

 As you can see from this comparison, we have successfully remained very close to our original preliminary sketches.  A few changes have occurred to improve aesthetics and ergonomics, like the small cabin house added to the fore deck. 

Bow Perspective

Aft Perspective- Note the curvaceous but developable stern.  



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24′ Efficient Aluminum Power Cruiser

We are pleased to announce that we have come to an agreement to develop an efficient, trailerable, 24′ aluminum power cruiser in partnership with Wolverine Boatworks of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 

Utilizing the tough but lightweight qualities of aluminum and an interior constructed of some of today’s best composites, she will have a very low displacement to length ratio, creating an easily driven hull.  While sipping on fuel, she is to be designed as a safe, comfortable cruiser for up to a week at a time.  Her lightweight and narrow beam enables the boat to be trailered easily, vastly enlarging her potential cruising grounds for her owners. 

Her interior is to include an open v-berth in the bow that converts to a comfortable dinette for a cozy meal out of the elements.  The large, full headroom pilot house will include a fully enclosed head with shower, a full sized galley with sink, stove, and icebox, a settee, and comfortable helm station.  Incorporating modular design, the interior will have the potential to be arranged in any number of ways, creating a truly semi custom design suited to the tastes of her owners. 

Utilizing modern cnc cutting , all of the construction parts and the interior will be cut to exact dimensions.  This allows the boat to be assembled very efficiently while keeping very high standards of construction. 

Construction of this very practical design is scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2012 and will be available from Wolverine Boatworks. 

Kit versions and full cutting files are planned to be made available. 


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September 2011- 50′ Sedan Flybridge (Update)

In a previous post, we discussed the start of a preliminary design for a 50′ Sedan Flybridge.  Now, in September, we are putting the finishing touches on this set of drawings.

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July 2011 – 50′ Sedan Flybridge

Welcome to the first Drafting Table post of the Nav Station Blog.  The official blog of Cerny Yacht Design.  The Drafting Table category is where we will be keeping you informed of our current design projects.

In following our updates, you will be getting a glimpse into the mind of the designer (scary thought) and the process of designing a yacht or small boat.  We are very curious of what you may think, so please leave comments!

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