About Kurt

Born into a boating family, Kurt endured his first boat ride at two weeks old and has been hooked ever since.  Growing up on the shores of Lake Erie, he spent weekends and vacations at a family cottage, where his Father and Uncles passed on the importance of a respect for the water, seamanship, and an overall passion for boats. By age 13, Kurt had bought a 12′ daysailor with paper route money and taught himself how to sail.

After a false start along an uninspiring career path, Kurt returned home from his freshman year of college in search of his future.  After spending a week sailing his daysailor, he set himself to clearing out his childhood bedroom, where he came across folders of magazine clippings, brochures, and drawings he had made of his own dream boat as a kid.  At that moment, he knew he had found what he was looking for.

A graduate and alumni of the Landing School of Boatbuilding and Design and the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology, Kurt has worked for high-end reputable boatbuilders, Belkov Yacht Company, Cherubini Yachts, and Renaissance Yachts, building and refitting boats from 10′ to 265′.

Along this exciting journey, Kurt found in his wife, Rani, someone who shared an equal passion for the water and sailing.  Together, and occasionally with their young son, Noah, they have sailed on boats all over the world, from South Africa, to Greece, and the Fijian Islands, but their hearts will always remain in their beloved Chesapeake Bay, where they have cruised, raced, and were married.

Kurt’s experience as a boatbuilder, along with his ABYC certification, guarantees his designs will go together seamlessly with every detail addressed properly, from proper fiddle shape to correct systems placement.  His knowledge of construction materials and techniques ensure that your dream boat will be designed with the most efficient and money saving build method possible.

But what sets Kurt apart is his passion for his work.  Following the principle of “you love who you’re with”, he is impassioned with every design he is married to.  By the time a design has reached completion, Kurt has imagined himself battling through a steep chop with his son safely at his side in The Hill 16 or relaxing with his wife while enjoying a cold drink in the comfortable cockpit of the Tolly Point 44, hundreds, if not thousands, of times.  Physically and emotionally, Kurt leaves behind a bit of himself in every design.

While temporarily living in Europe, Kurt has taken this opportunity to put his dreams to paper and offer his services to the public from his offices in Annapolis, Maryland and Lery, France.