Island Trail 22 Construction Update 3

We just received some great shots of George’s Island Trail 22 build since he has returned to Florida this Winter.  He has made some great progress and hasn’t lost any of his excitement towards his project.   

 George has opted for covering the bottom with Durasurf.  Found on many snowboards and skis, it will take a beating when being dragged up those rocky beaches found along the Maine coast.  

George applying some fairing compound.  Fairing has to be the toughest job in any custom build.  George showed some great patience in achieving a beautiful hull. 

Primer is sprayed over the fairing. 


  Profile shot while baking in the Sun before being turned over. 

Nice shot of the bow and false stem.  

 One of those exciting moments in any build, roll-over day. With the hull remaining pretty light at this stage and a bit of ingenuity, George was able to roll the hull by himself. 


 All settled in and ready for some attention to the interior. 


 The stem area showing some reinforcement for a bow eye. 

The open interior ready for some bulkheads. 

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