Island Trail 22 Under Construction-Update

George made some excellent progress on his Island Trail 22 before heading North to Maine for the Summer.  Although he is there for work, I know he is scouting out the islands he will be sure to visit next year in his finished boat.  In a recent conversation, he expressed how anxious he is to get back to his project.  I know I speak for those who are following his build, but we are too!

The transom and bulkheads are laminated and ready for installation.

The two hull halves have been joined together along the keel

A good perspective of the transom and the box keel.

The false stem is attached and faired into the bow.

The rubrail is glued into a dado in the topsides.

The exterior glasswork is underway.

After a couple gallons of epoxy and a large dose of patience, the hull is glassed.


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