Island Trail 22 Under Construction

We are proud to announce that the construction of hull number 1 of our Island Trail 22 design has started by boatbuilder George Blackford of Stuart, Florida and Milbridge, Maine.  With  a few months to go before returning to his full time work in Maine, George is hoping to get as much done as possible before returning to the project again next Fall.  Once completed, the experienced yacht captain is looking forward to using his boat as she was designed, to travel along the many islands off the coast of Maine, along the Maine Island Trail

George is proving to be one of those clients that designers dream of.  He is knowledgeable, passionate about boats, but most importantly, he enjoys the journey of constructing a quality boat from his own two hands. 

So, stay tuned and check back often as George continues to make good progress. 

Overview of the designed construction of the Island Trail 22 


Half Molds in place

Ribbands and Keel added

Vertical Planking is started

First hull half is planked

Transom and Bulkheads installed

After the molds are reversed, second hull half is built, and joined to the first

Construction of George Blackford’s Island Trail 22

Transferring mold drawings from mylar templates to the plywood

Cutting the scarfs for joining the keel sections

Keel sections glued up

Scarfing the ribbands together

Molds setup on the strongback

Box keel is installed on molds

Installing the ribbands to the molds

Ribbands are ready to begin planking 

Planking begins

More Planking

Planking is finished

A great view from the bow

The interior fiberglass is laid utilizing Peel Ply

Cored stringers are glassed into the hull

Laminating the bulkheads

The first hull half is pulled from the molds.  At this point, it is extremely lightweight and is easily handled by two people.

 The molds are reversed, ribbands relaid, and planking placed on the setup

The interior fiberglass is laminated to the second hull half

Stringers are glassed in place and ready for mating the two hull halves 

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