L’Arche Sea Trials

Anybody for some dinghy sailing?  Getting close to the finish of our L’Arche dinghy build, it was time for some sea trials! 

Noah did his part by testing out the ergonomics of all the seating arrangements.

Tested out the tiller action.

And claimed the foredeck as his seat. 

We have launch! 

Sea Trials Day 1- A light breeze was perfect for testing out her gear. 

All smiles as she scooted along with barely a breath of air. 

Her stability under sail makes for many different driving positions.

Sea Trials Day Two-  Perfect second day trials with 15 knots of steady breeze with puffs in the upper teens. 

She was very impressive under sail in these conditions. 

When there are two boats on the same water, it will always result in some sort of race.  She successfully passed a few windsurfers throughout the afternoon.

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