Fly Fisher 18

The Fly Fisher 18 is a custom design for a fly fisherman in Canada.  Finding that most production models lacked the features he required, we set out to create a boat that compromised very little for its size.  

The most important features he requested were an efficient, yet, seaworthy hull, that will be easy to trailer.  Using our successful Hill 16 bottom design as a basis, we increased the waterline beam, made a few tweaks, and developed the concept from there.  The result will be a boat that is soft riding, dry, jumps on plane quickly, and cruises in the high 20’s with a 90 hp outboard.  

For the cockpit, the client had many ideas for making his excursions easier and safer.  With a request for locking rod lockers up to 10′ long and large casting deck, a raised deck forward of the console was designed.  This versatile area has rod storage accessible through the steps, large storage lockers, transformative seating, an anchor locker, and plenty of room for casting.  Like the forward casting deck, the aft casting deck has transformative seating with a storage locker down the center.  The foredeck is designed with an integrated trolling motor locker.  Lift the lid, detach the motor from the bow bracket, and stow it in minutes.  Overall, the cockpit layout is versatile, but it can be changed to fit your needs or ideas.  

Construction is strip plank with heavy fiberglass skins like the Hill 16.  All of the structural components: including bulkheads, stringers, floors, and the temporary construction frames are cut from Mylar templates or CNC cut files.  We can cut all plywood components and ship them anywhere in the US.