The Hill 16 Construction Plans

Study Plans

Downloadable PDF Study plans are available for those clients who require a more in-depth knowledge of the boat, its layout, and construction method. Using interactive 3D technology, we are providing a The Hill 16 – 3D Hull Viewer and The Hill 16 – 3D Construction Viewer. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animated 3D model must be worth a million! Also in this package is the plan and profile drawing and a design brief discussing the concept and construction.

Construction Drawings

The full set of plans for the 4M Power Tender includes:

-Exterior Plan and Profile
-Interior Profile and Sections
-Laminate Schedule
-Construction Sections
-Strongback Setup
-Deck Construction
-Wiring Diagram
-Mold Templates printed on Mylar
-Bulkhead, Transom, and Chine Templates printed on Mylar

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