Guide Skiff

Design Brief

Ever since the first Kahala Solo Skiff plans were released, we have received requests for a larger model.  The requests have always been similar; it must carry more crew (dog, kids, spouse), maintain the same handling characteristics as the Kahala, remain lightweight, and efficient.  

From the outset, we have been incorporating ideas from the many customers interested in building the Guide Skiff.  While the aesthetics remain similar to the Kahala, this skiff is a new hull shape altogether.  To increase stability over the easily paddled Kahala, we have pulled the lower chine out to max beam and instead of carrying the upper chine to the transom, it fades into the topsides heading aft.  As we have used in a few other designs, a delta pad was added to the hull bottom to decrease draft and increase lift while powering onto a plane.  

Another common theme among the prospective builders was a versatile overall layout.  Different steering options, plenty of fishing room, space for gear and coolers, and even a request for enough sole space to sleep were all considered during the design process.  A center console, side console, and tiller steer with a leaning post are all included in the construction plans.   

Side Console

Center Console

Tiller Steer W/ Leaning Post


The construction utilizes a beveled strip planking method covered in lightweight fiberglass cloth that saves countless hours over traditional strip planking while still creating a lightweight and easily maintained hull.  The construction setup uses permanent frames cut from full size templates that are positioned on a strongback.  With just a few temporary molds, there is very little energy and materials wasted.  As can be seen from our other hulls using this construction method, the Guide Skiff should come together easily for even a first time builder.  


As in all of our small boat designs, the Guide Skiff meets all ABYC recommendations for stability, flotation, capacity, and horsepower ratings.  Areas for foam flotation material were carefully designed into the layout so that not only is the boat unsinkable but she will float level if fully submerged.