Island Trail 22

Acknowledged as a notable entrant in the 2011 Woodenboat/Professional Boatbuilder Design Challenge III, the Island Trail 22 has been designed to quickly and safely carry a family of two adults and two children to those special, out of the way places where bigger and deeper cruisers only dream of.  Her centerboard, kick-up rudder, shallow draft, and flat bottom make her perfect for navigating those normally unaccommodating shoals, gliding peacefully through the shallows, and landing on that secluded island or beach.  Her fully equipped galley, fresh and grey water tanks, porta-potti, and comfortable sleeping arrangements will guarantee that you will “leave no trace” as is required to keep these fragile areas in pristine condition.


After much research, the basic design concepts of the famous Sea Bright Skiff of the New Jersey shore were chosen to be incorporated into the Island Trail 22.  These boats were world renowned for their seaworthy characteristics.  They were often launched off the beach and would return to shore loaded with the day’s catch to land on the beach through breaking seas.  The flat bottomed boxed keel, like the Sea Bright Skiff, lends itself perfectly for frequent beach landings and the 5” rocker across the bottom makes maneuvering a possibility.  The Island Trail 22 also incorporates the double ended waterlines of the Sea Bright Skiffs.  Besides improving her sea keeping ability, she will prove to be easily driven by sail, by oar, or low horsepower outboard.


The Island Trail 22 was designed with a cat ketch rig.  It is very versatile with many ways to reduce sail area while maintaining forward momentum in difficult wind conditions while keeping a responsive helm.  On top of that, the rig makes the boat very maneuverable in tight areas and in anchoring and docking situations.  A large mizzen staysail could also be rigged for those light wind days. 

In response to a request for a more traditional rig to pair with the lineage of the Sea Bright Skiff, we have drawn a standing lug ketch and are tossing around ideas for a sprit rig.  The lug ketch will perform similarly to the cat ketch.  Although there is the addition of the yards, it has proven to be simple to setup, control, and reef.  The downside of this rig is the main mast moves aft and is positioned just forward of the porta-potti cabinet.  It doesn’t interfere with the interior space but does eliminate some shelf space. 

Whichever rig you prefer, the Island Trail 22 incorporates free standing carbon fiber masts that weigh less than 16 lbs and easily slide into fiberglass tube mast steps and partners for easy setup and take down.  The curved sprit booms are made from laminated fir or spruce or a composite of carbon fiber and attach and detach easily from the mast by disconnecting the blocks at the snotter and at the sheet. This rig system has proven to be quick and painless to setup upon reaching the launch ramp while on a trailer.


Access to the cabin is over the bridge deck and through the companionway hatch and down two stairs mounted on the foreward end of the centerboard trunk.  The cabin consists of two 6’-6” berths with the fresh water bladder, grey water bladder, and plenty of storage below 4” cushions.  Located on the centerline and near the feet of the berths is a chart table/workstation with a porta-potti below.  Forward of the workstation is a collection of fiddled shelves for storing food, charts, books, and other miscellaneous gear.

The galley consists of a single burner stove to port and a fresh water sink and faucet to starboard both mounted in drawers that disappear into the main bulkhead when not in use in the cabin.  With the drawers in the closed position, the stove and sink are accessible through hatches in the bridge deck for preparing and cooking food in the cockpit.


450 lbs of seawater can be added to two integral connected tanks straddling either side of the centerboard trunk.  The added ballast increases stability, increases the sail carrying capacity, and makes for a much more seaworthy boat that rivals much heavier cruising boats.

With the water ballast tanks empty, the Island Trail 22 will be transformed into a lively sailor, even in light winds.  Also, she will be propelled easier by oars or auxiliary motor and the trailer weight of the whole boat will be reduced to 1005 lbs (1/2 stores), making it possible to be towed by a mid-size family sedan.


Safety was a paramount goal while designing the Island Trail 22.  According to ABYC standards, this boat requires 7.2 cubic feet of positive flotation.  In just the hull and deck, the Island Trail 22 has over 8 cubic feet of positive flotation and then to guarantee the boat floats level while filled with water, another 2 cubic feet of foam is added in the boxed gunwale along the sheer.

The carbon fiber masts are sealed so that it is impossible for the boat to be flipped over.  Add that to the added stability from water ballast and you get a vessel with great overall stability.


From her clean lines and good looks, to her carefully drawn hull encompassing stability and safety features seen only in larger boats, this fast, seaworthy, and trailerable vessel will fulfill all your needs.   Whether you are looking for a way to explore your favorite waters with your family or you have a competitive itch to compete in any of the growing raid-type events, The Island Trail 22 will take you there.

Wolverine Boatworks

As the result of an exciting new partnership, Craig Bjarnason of Wolverine Boatworks is now offering the Island Trail 22 as a custom built boat.  With a passion for sailing and meticulous craftsmanship, we are confident that Wolverine Boatworks will successfully make your dream boat a reality.


For those who enjoy the journey just as much as the destination, a full set of plans is available for her to be built by any willing homebuilder.  Utilizing our tried and true foam core construction technique or a combination of wood strip planked hull and foam core components, this design will reward the builder with a sense of pride and satisfaction with every milestone that is reached.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.