Island Trail 22 Stock Plans

Study Plans

Downloadable PDF Study plans are available for those clients who require a more in-depth knowledge of the boat, its layout, and construction method. Using interactive 3D technology, we are providing an Island Trail 22 – 3D Hull Viewer and the Island Trail 22 – 3D Construction Viewer. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animated 3D model must be worth a million! Also in this package is the original designer’s brief giving an in-depth commentary on the design and the decisions associated with it, multiple drawings showing the sail plan, deck layout, and accommodations, and a detailed materials list for constructing the Island Trail 22.

Construction Plans

Construction plans for the Island Trail 22 have arrived!  Because of the unique building method and lack of references to learn from, the IT22’s plans are very complete and detailed.  From the perspective of a professional builder, I drew this set of plans to satisfy what I would like to see on the shop floor to improve efficiency.  If I could save the builder considerable time by adding another drawing, I didn’t hesitate. 

Drawings of note are the construction jigs.  The deck/cabin building jig  makes it possible to build and finish the deck, cabin sides, and cabin top accurately while off the boat and working comfortably at bench height.  The jig is designed to snap together after cutting the parts using the included full-size mylar templates.  The strongback drawing also improves setup time considerably.  With full-size mylar mold templates, no lofting is required.  To minimize waste, the molds are drawn to fit on half sheets of plywood and are used for both halves of the boat. 

The full set of Island Trail 22 drawings include:
-Exterior Profile
-Interior Profile
-Laminate Schedule
-Construction Plan and Profile
-Construction Sections 1-8 and transom
-Rudder Construction
-Centerboard Construction
-Deck Construction and Jig
-Systems layout and wire diagram

Full-size templates include:
-Strongback Molds (Mylar)
-Bulkheads (Mylar)
-Deck/Cabin construction jig (Mylar)
-Rudder profile and NACA foil shape
-Centerboard profile and NACA foil shape

Also included is a step by step construction outline to guide the builder through the process.