Island Trail 22 Study Plans

Thanks again for your interest in the Island Trail 22.

Listed below are (7) PDF files including the Design Brief, 3D Hull Viewer, 3D Construction Viewer, Sail Plan, Plan and Profile, Accommodations and Sections, and a Materials List.  All files can be downloaded to your computer. 

We recommend right clicking on the PDF icon, selecting “save target as”, and then downloading to a location of your choice.  It is also possible to left click on the PDF icon and the file will automatically open.  To get the 3D files to work properly, the file MUST be saved to your computer and opened with Adobe Acrobat.  

The 3D PDF Viewers must be opened using Adobe Reader 8 or newer.  To download the newest reader click here .  Or visit .

Notes on 3D PDF Viewers:
-Files are quite large so they may take a moment to save and open. 
-Once it is open, clicking on the outline titles in the column on the right will progress the animation of the 3D model. 
-At any point, it is possible for the user to control the model by rotating, spinning, or zooming in. 
-To do this, hover your cursur over the 3D model.  A control panel will appear.  We recommed clicking on the far left icon and choosing “spin” for easiest control. 
-Feel free to experiment with the different settings and enjoy! 

If you have any questions or experience any problems, please contact us immediately. 

Download Plan – Island Trail 22 – Design Brief
Download Plan – Island Trail 22 – 3D Hull Viewer
Download Plan – Island Trail 22 – 3D Construction Viewer
Download Plan – Island Trail 22 – Sail Plan
Download Plan – Island Trail 22 – Plan and Profile
Download Plan – Island Trail 22 – Accommodations and Sections
Download Plan – Island Trail 22 – Materials List