Strandbad 18

While living in Switzerland, we always admired the beautiful daysailers that lazily made their way up and down Lake Zurich.  With many little coves and small anchorages, the skippers and crew would drop anchor, pull out a lunch or curl up with a book, and spend the day enjoying their surroundings.  Some would drop a ladder over the side and take a quick swim in the crystal clear water to escape the mid-day sun.

With a request for a handsome daysailer, I immediately thought of the Zurichsee and the many Strandbads (bathing parks) along it’s shoreline.  I wanted her to be easy to handle by one person without any acrobatics to perform any of the major functions of setting sail, dropping anchor, etc and then also be easy to reboard from the stern after that refreshing swim.

The Strandbad 18 was the result of those original ideas.  She will prove to be fast, but yet comfortable for one to four people.  All control lines have been led to a trimming station in the cockpit just forward of the helmsperson enabling the boat to be sailed by one person with ease.   Most of these lines have been led through organizers and blocks through a hollow coaming to keep the deck completely clear of all trip hazards.

The deep cockpit with bench seating keeps passengers comfortable and secure, but for livelier daysails the outboard coaming has been shaped to make hiking more comfortable.  Aft of the cockpit is that built in swim platform previously mentioned that can be used at anchor for lounging and getting in and out of the boat.

If you are interested in the Strandbad 18, please don’t hesitate to contact us.