Swift Skiff SUP

This turned out to be one of the most satisfying little projects!  With a contract to design a couple of touring and fishing stand-up paddle boards for a customer in Florida, Mother’s Day right around the corner, and my wife away for a couple of weeks, I took this opportunity to build the first prototype before sending the kits to the customer.  

All of the plywood parts were cut on a CNC router and fit perfectly together.  

Every step of the way seemed to only take an hour or so before moving onto the next step.  This was perfect for working in the evenings before dinner or after the kids were in bed.  The interior structure and the plywood skins went together quickly and soon we had a board.  

I got the kids involved with as much as possible.  They really enjoyed picking out the decorative fabric and helping to create the turtle artwork.  

With just a few days before Mother’s Day, the paint and prep work finally began.  It was hard to convince our 5 year old that we couldn’t just paint the whole thing pink!

In the end, it was a nice surprise and she really loved it. 

We were quite happy with the performance of the board.  It is stable, paddles fast, and cuts through small chop.  I was also pleased that it only weighed 32.5 lbs. with all of that decoration, a mere 1/2 lb. lighter than calculated. 

We have two models available; a 12′ version and a 13′ version.  The shapes are the same but the 13 footer has much more capacity for carrying gear like a cooler, fish box, rods, etc. 

For more info, please see the Swift Skiff SUP page. 

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