The Hill 16 Under Construction

The Hill 16 is a strip planked hull built over a male mold system setup on a ladder strongback. After planking, the hull is glassed in and out.


Quiet Waters Boatworks has now started hull #1 and we will be posting pictures here as the project progresses.

Some extraordinary white cedar to be used for the hull planking.

The shop foreman, Kona, approves.

The strongback is built. They put this one on legs to put the boat at an easier working height.

Mold #1 is cut, beveled, and put in place.

The remaining molds are put into position

The curved transom is laminated

The chines are drawn full size according to the plans

The mold stem is beveled before installation

Setup is complete

The transom setup


Let the fun begin. The first planks are laid over the molds

Although it feels like an endless supply of strips, the planking moves along quickly

She is starting to show some of her curves

Planking is completed and ready for the goo

Epoxy is carefully squeezed into the gap created from the beveled planks using a Ziploc or pastry bag

The designer gets into some fairing action. A sharp block plane makes quick work of cleaning up the planking

Hull is prepped and ready for some fiberglass


Who says that designers and builders don’t get along?


In preparation for the remaining fiberglass, the chine is shaped and sanded


Fiberglass is being applied to the hull

A fiberglass job well done

After a careful fairing, she gets a few coats of epoxy primer.

One of the big landmarks for any build is the day the boat is rolled over.  Here, the boat is being dragged out of the shop. 

A great picture of the hull

After being rolled, she is temporarily sitting on the shop floor before being placed in her new cradle.  


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