Guide Skiff Info

The micro skiff was designed with the intention of all temporary and permanent structure being CNC cut for ease of construction.  However, If you so choose, plans and full size templates are available. Templates would have to be transferred to plywood and cut by hand.  See Below for the two options.

Study Plans

Study plans are available for those clients who require a more in-depth knowledge of the boat, its layout, and construction method.  Please email and we will happily email these to you.

Construction Drawings

The full set of plans for the 11′ Tender includes:

-Plan and Profile
-Construction Plan and Profile
-Construction Sections
-Laminate Schedule
-Construction Jig
-Mold Templates printed on Mylar
-Bulkheads, Frames, and Transom Templates printed on Mylar

Plywood Structure Kit

We arrange for the cutting and shipping of the plywood.  Contact for a shipping quote.

After clicking on the Paypal button, you will be taken to Paypal to make the payment.  You have the option of using a Paypal account or if you don’t have an account, click on the link at the bottom to use a credit card or bank card.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or need to pay using a different method.

Plans and Templates Via Mail

$200 (Includes Shipping)

Plywood Kit

$1400 (Does Not Include Shipping)