Stock Plans

Some of our designs at Cerny Yacht Design are available as full sets of construction plans for purchase by professional and amateur boatbuilders.

Our stock plans can not be compared to the industry standard.  With over 10 years as a professional, building and managing the construction of custom yachts of all sizes, we know what should go into a set of plans to make the construction go smoothly and efficiently, saving you immeasurable time and money.  From full size templates for building your molds and strongback to a complete wiring diagram for the motor control system in our electric dinghy, all plans are concise while packed with all the necessary information.  If you are new to boatbuilding, you will find our build “books” extremely valuable.  They include pictures, videos, and illustrated text walking you through the different boatbuilding techniques to accomplish your build.

We stand behind all of our designs.  After purchasing a set of plans from CYD, we will make ourselves available to answer all of your questions and provide you with help throughout the process.  We have even been known to venture onto the shop floor via web cam to offer consultation.

Pictures speak a thousand words, so check out our Boats Under Construction in The Nav Station Blog.