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LOA – 16’4″
LWL – 14’7″                                                           
BOA – 6’2″

Hull Draft – 9″
Trailer Weight– 900 lbs
Recommended HP– 50 – 70 hp (max)

Max Occupant Capacity – 6 Adults

Design Brief

The Estivo was a fun and challenging design.  The boat was to have classic looks along the lines of an old Chris Craft or Riva, yet modernized with a center console layout, but it had to be efficient to build with plywood construction.  On top of that, we had to add a fully hidden foldable bow dodger! 

While working with sheet goods, like plywood or aluminum, there is always a compromise in the shapes that can be achieved.  Compound curvature must be kept to a minimum without stressing the material.  In all we achieved some tumblehome aft and flare in the bow.  The flare, along with chine flats and spray rails, resulted in a very dry boat.  She gets up on plane easily and is a blast to run around in.


The boat is built primarily from marine plywood of varying thickness.  The hull is sheathed in and out with 10 oz fiberglass and all interior components are sheathed in 6 oz fiberglass.  This creates a maintenance free and very stout hull while remaining very lightweight. 


The Estivo Sport and Estivo Classic are both available for home builders in a plywood kit.  The kits include all plywood parts to build the strongback, structure, hull, and deck.  Contact for pricing and delivery of a kit to your area.