Construction Gallery

Tender 9.5

LOA – 9’6″
BOA – 5′
Recommended HP– 5 – 10 hp (max)

Tender 11

LOA – 11′                                                          
BOA – 5’4″
Recommended HP – 6-15

Tender 13

LOA – 13′
BOA – 5’6″
Recommended HP – 10-20 hp (max)

Design Brief

The Tender Series was created to improve and offer a replacement for the traditional RIB yacht tender.  To even compete against the well proven RIB, the tenders needed to be lightweight, unsinkable, plane easily with low hp, be a decent rower, and great stability was a must.  The end result exceeds each of these requirements and we’re proud of how seaworthy and dry they ride.  


The Tender Series was a blank canvas and we considered all construction materials and techniques.  Overall cost, durability, and weight were the main driving factors.  In the end, although the foam core boat could have saved 11 lbs, we went with a plywood core.

Now, this is not your typical plywood skiff!  Using very thin plywood, an interlocking stringer system, and basalt (or glass) fabric, the tenders are very lightweight but strong and very resistant to impact damage from dragging them up rocky shorelines or beaches.

As you can see from the construction gallery, the skiff construction is a mix of plank over female jig and “stitch and glue”.  This allows the structure to be incorporated in the framework from the start and doesn’t need to be added later.  The structure and temporary frames are setup within hours of receiving your kit!  It’s truly a rewarding project.  


The whole Tender Series was carefully designed to meet ABYC and USCG recommendations for buoyancy when swamped and weight and horsepower capacities.

Flotation foam is installed under the sole and the plywood and foam rub rail collar meet the requirements for level flotation when swamped, creating a safe situation for the crew if an emergency situation was to arise.


The Tender Series is offered as plans with additional full size templates or a CNC plywood kit. Email for more details. or give us a ring – 410-897-7254

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