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LOA – 14′
LWL – 12’11”                                                           
BOA – 4’10”

Hull Draft – 6″
Displacement (w Crew)– 800 lbs
Recommended HP– 8 – 20 hp (max)

Max Occupant Capacity – 3 Adults
or Max Capacity – 540 lbs.

Design Brief

With the Panga 14, we set out to create an efficient, seaworthy, and good looking skiff.  Although there is an abundance of skiffs in this size range, this one had to be different.  First, this boat was to be designed around a 9.9 hp gasoline outboard with the ability to cruise at 14 knots.  This was accomplished using lightweight construction, a relatively narrow waterline beam, and the unique hull shape seen in the Japanese Panga fleet (see below).  Second, it had to be handsome.  The curved sheer line, rounded vertical bow shape, and the addition of varnished mahogany or teak accomplished this goal while adding a feeling of warmth and comfort.


From the start, our aim was to be able to build this skiff from plywood or aluminum.  With hull and structure created from developable surfaces, which means they can be cut from sheet materials, most of the major components are to be cut with computer controlled router or laser cutter.

The plywood version of the hull is similar to stitch and glue which includes a layer of fiberglass on the exterior and some tabbing of the frames and panel joints on the interior.

Marine plywood and solid wood is used to construct the seat tops and benches in both the aluminum and plywood versions.

Unique Hull Shape

One of the key characteristics of the 14’ Panga is the unique delta pad as seen in the Japanese Pangas.

As the boat speed increases, the boat will rise onto the delta pad, increasing efficiency.  When the going gets rough, the fine entry, high deadrise bow, and ample flare will ensure a comfortable and dry ride at slower speeds.


The 14’ Panga was carefully designed to meet ABYC recommendations and Transport Canada requirements for buoyancy when swamped and weight and horsepower capacities.

Flotation foam is installed in the bow past the forward bulkhead under the foredeck and in the stern under the aft deck to meet the requirements for level flotation when swamped, creating a safe situation for the crew if an emergency situation was to arise.


The 14’ Panga includes a few options to customize the boat to the customer’s needs and uses. The boat was designed with two different gunwale options; a washboard gunwale (pictured above) and a canoe gunwale.

The canoe gunwale offers a handsome solution while being easier to construct and will be appreciated by fisherman hauling in their dream fish, while the washboard gunwale will offer another layer of security, especially with small children on board.


The 14′ Panga is offered as plans with additional full size templates or a CNC plywood kit. Email for more details.