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LOA – 15’6″
LWL – 14’8″                                                           
BOA – 4’10”

Hull Draft – 5.5″
Displacement (w Crew)– 850 lbs
Recommended HP– 10 – 30 hp (max)
-25 hp (max w/ tiller steer)

Max Occupant Capacity – 3 Adults
or Max Capacity – 600 lbs.

Design Brief

With the Guide Skiff, we set out to create a lightweight and efficient, but seaworthy micro skiff.  She includes double chines.  The lower starts forward with a soft radius above the waterline to a sharp chine aft for lift and ease of planing.  The upper chine keeps the ride dry and offers added buoyancy when the boat is heeled.  The delta pad aft keeps the draft low and helps her hop on plane with ease.


The hull was designed to be strip planked over CNC cut temporary and permanent frames and hull structure.  The permanent bulkheads, frames, stringers, and transom are in place before the hull is planked.  Upon completion of the hull construction, the boat is flipped and the hull structure is in place.  From there, it’s rigging and the interior sole, furniture, and deck. 


The Guide Skiff was carefully designed to meet ABYC recommendations and for buoyancy when swamped and weight and horsepower capacities.

Flotation foam is installed in the bow, under the sole, and in the stern under the aft deck to meet the requirements for level flotation when swamped, creating a safe situation for the crew if an emergency situation was to arise.


The Guide Skiff is offered as plans with additional full size templates or a CNC plywood kit. Email for more details.